Pledge Flour Mill, East Hill

When first we moved to Ashford, we got some chickens.  We’ve had varying numbers, depending upon the habits of urban foxes; currently, we have three.  Unnamed. Now I have to be endlessly inve… Source: Pledge Flour Mill, East Hill

Yet More Roman Remains …

In the 1890s, Mr Arthur Challis and his wife, Fanny, were having a house built in Albert Road, Ashford – a 2 minute walk from the town centre.  Look at the date; look at the road name.  So fa… Source: Yet More Roman Remains …

King’s Wood

I took our dog – an alarmingly athletic Brittany – to King’s Wood a couple of weeks’ ago, on the basis that 1,500 acres ought to tire him out … (I’m ever hopeful… Source: King’s Wood

Ashford from a distance

Earlier, it was a glorious spring morning, so I thought this was the time to take the panoramic shot of Ashford I had planned for the headline image of this blog.  In the last couple of weeks, the … Source: Ashford from a distance